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Engage | Educate | Empower

The national advocacy network advancing the rights and conditions of trans+ people in the UK

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"We made history hosting the first all-trans expert panel briefing in UK Parliament"

“Trans solidarity is needed in the UK more than ever. So many discussions about us are being had without us. It’s time for trans people to be part of the conversation and for our voices to be heard instead of being ignored, talked over and spoken for.”

Jude Guaitamacchi

CEO & Found Trans+ Solidarity Alliance

“Looking back, it seems obvious now that progress has so often relied on people forming alliances and working together. Alliances bring strength in more than just numbers. Working together means greater diversity of ideas, skills and approaches, especially when mobilising allies. The Trans+ Solidarity Alliance sounds right just from the name. We have never been in more need of solidarity and alliances!” 

Christine Burns MBE

Historian & founder of Press for Change 


We’ve used the term ‘Trans+’ to be inclusive of the many ways people describe and define their relationship to their own gender or absence of gender. This term is inclusive of transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, gender non-conforming and agender people - or indeed inclusive of any of the other ways people define their gender. This term is also inclusive of intersex people who have natural diversity in sex characteristics.

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