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Trans+ Solidarity Alliance facilitated the first all-trans panel in UK parliament history. The first of a series of expert panels it was a vital step in the conversation for Trans+ equality in the UK


Trans children in UK schools


The panel was chaired by Founder & CEO Jude Guaitamacchi and hosted by Kate Osborne MP and Caroline Nokes MP. A panel of experts met to brief politicians directly on the challenges faced by teachers, schools and parents trying to keep trans and gender diverse children safe in education. The briefing explored the experiences of trans children, who are more likely to be bullied and less likely to have close friends at school compared to their peers*, leading to some children having to be taken out of school and home educated. The event was held in the wake of the government issuing draft guidance that many in the LGBTQIA+ community and in the education sector fear will make supporting trans and gender questioning children to thrive and learn at school all but impossible. Legal experts, including on the panel, have also questioned whether the draft guidance is lawful.

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“I am really pleased to be able to host the first all trans panel in parliament, it is vital that MPs hear first hand the impact that Government policies have on our trans community. Some MPs are using vile discriminatory language and too many MPs have a complete lack of understanding of the impact of legislation or even of how to help their trans constituents. The work Trans+ Solidarity Alliance will do to brief politicians and bring the trans community into parliament to ensure their voice is heard is really needed and I look forward to hosting more events and working with them closely in the future.” 

Kate Osborne MP, Jarrow

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